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My Story

What You Need To Know

I am a strong, passionate creative with an insatiable desire to become familiar with the unfamiliar. I was introduced to life’s fragility at a young age, which is why I put so much emphasis on living while we’re here, taking risks, and celebrating every moment. I believe life is constantly shifting around us and it’s important to change with it. I am an adventurer with a deep belief that our world exists to be explored & expanded, much like our minds. My choices in life are led by my curiosity, creativity, and determination to be the best version of myself in each moment.​


I consider this platform an ongoing creation with so much potential to grow and evolve, and I would love to connect with you along the way. If you’d like to discuss my work or possible collaborations, hear more about my journey, or simply just say hi— please get in touch!​


Xx, Sam 

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