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My skill set includes Marketing, Social Media Strategy, Creative Writing, Organizational & Community Leadership, Brand Management, and Sales.

My natural leadership abilities, combined with ever-developing talents, have led me to amazing opportunities all over the world. I value perspectives different from my own and believe creativity of all forms should be celebrated and explored. 

My ability to work with ambiguity is clear in my wide range of previous positions and projects. I invite you to check out my work and reach out if you're interested in collaboration of any kind! 

Maryland Leaf 

Creative Writing // Copywriting // Content Creation // Social Media Marketing


Creative Writing // Brand Management // Digital Marketing 

Brand Management // Graphic Design // Marketing Strategy // Analytics & SEO // Web Design // General Management // Social Media Management 

Volunteer Work // Event Planning // Social Media Management // Content Creation // Graphic Design // Fundraising 

Copywriting // Editing // Research 

Graphic Design // Copywriting // Menu Design 

Copywriting // Promotional 

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